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Start Your Own Mobile Spray Tanning Company


Start Your Own Mobile Spray Tanning Company

Welcome to the casting page for your new reality show, "America’s Top Spray Tan Artist”. You have just been selected to audition for the part of YOB. We know, you’re thinking, “Who is YOB?”

If you are on this page, then you are part of only a small segment of the worldwide population who will ever venture down this path. Less than 25% of income earners will ever believe in their ability to earn an income outside of an employer-employee relationship. YOB, is Your Own Boss.   

Let us start off by saying that we will not be doing a lot of hand holding here, but rather showing you "how to" for those who "want to." We will walk you through our straight-to-the-point plan for getting started right away, but you will be required to invest YOUR TIME to figure out what is right for you. EnvyTan’s seasoned spray tan pros are here to give you solid advice about what you will need to take to get your mobile spray tanning business up and running as soon as possible, but you have to be the one to decide to make it happen.

If you have what it takes to play the part of YOB: discipline, direction, motivation, and a desire for freedom, then keep reading. Successful business owners all share a group of identifiers that caused them to become business owners in the first place. They were aware of the limited opportunities that existed in their JOB, their JOB hours did not allow them to take care of the other responsibilities in their lives, they wanted or needed to earn a higher income than their JOB would ever provide them, and they were serious about putting in the work to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack. If that sounds like you, then we welcome you to settle in for the ride of your life playing YOB.

So, what next? Depends on what you need. Here is our plan of action. Now, you don’t have to listen to us, but if you do, you will be up and running in no time.

Step 1: Spray Tanning 101

Clear your schedule for 1 hour and allow yourself to spend only this amount of time on our Spray Tan Tools page looking at photos, reading reviews, watching videos, and learning the basics about spray tanning as a business. Trust us, the more time that you spend here, the more confused that you are going to be. You only need a general understanding to make a decision about whether you should or shouldn’t step into the professional world of spray tanning. You will know enough to make an educated decision and to get started. When you are done, come right back to this page to complete Step 2.

Helpful Hint: New technicians learn how to spray tan within 1-2 days. Time is money. Don’t spend your money (aka, your time) over thinking every little decision. Trust us, you will learn more from the simple act of spray tanning people than you could ever learn by reading about it. Knowledge is power, but it will not get you any closer to being YOB. At some point, you simply have to dive in, pull the money out of your wallet, and make a decision. Spend your time spraying, not reading.

Step 2: Choose Your Equipment

Look at our 2 pieces of equipment and choose the piece that is appropriate for your mobile spray tanning business. You may purchase your equipment by itself, or as part of our Casting Call: Spray Pro Kit.

Helpful Hint: On average, out of every 100 EnvyTan customers that starts a mobile spray tanning business: 48% of customers will get started with the T100, and the other 52% will select the T700. These numbers account for customers who purchase the equipment by itself or inside of one of our Start Up Spray Pro Kits.

The Understudy: T100: True Spray  

Weight: 7 lbs
Dimensions: 12 x 7 x 10
Warranty: 6 Months

Price: $315 (with Free Shipping)

Decibel/Noise Level: 75

Intended Use: Spray tanning clients one at a time, with a window of no less than 5-10 minutes between clients to let the equipment cool down. The housing and gun are plastic, not metal, so this unit is not recommended for back-to-back, or continuous tanning. This is the unit that 48% of our customers choose to begin with. It is easy to train with, and if your business grows rapidly, this is an excellent back up piece of equipment to have around as you grow.

Best for: Mobile tanning technician who is on the move and wants a highly portable, affordable, lightweight piece of equipment, or a salon that is just beginning to offer spray tanning as a service.

Maximum # of Tans Per Day Recommended: 10-15

Customers' Favorite Feature: Convenient carrying strap and spray gun handle holder built into unit.

The Performer: T700: Speedy Spray

Weight: 20 lbs
Dimensions: 11 x 7 x 11
Warranty: 1 Year

Price: $675 (with Free Shipping)

Decibel/Noise Level: Averages around 83, but varies based on adjustments made to the dial on the outside of the unit.

Intended Use: Spray tanning a larger client base. This unit is designed for spray tanning parties, or salons who have, or anticipate having, a steady stream of spray tanning clients throughout the day and may/may not have time for the unit to cool down between appointments. This unit is slightly louder than The Understudy: T100 True Spray. The noise level can be adjusted on the side of the equipment to some degree. This is considered a true commercial grade piece of equipment, and is designed to run for longer periods of time at maximum performance. When beginning in spray tanning, 32% of customers will choose to invest in this slightly more expensive piece of equipment, trading a lower price point for increased reliability.

Best for: Mobile or Salon based spray tanning professional who needs a commercial level piece of spray tanning equipment that can run all day long. This is considered the workhorse of the industry.

Maximum # of Tans Per Day Recommended: 20+

Customers' Favorite Feature: Convenient carrying handle across the top of the unit and adjustable decibel levels.

Step 3: Purchase Your Start Up Pro Kit

Now that you have decided which piece of equipment is right for you and your business, you have two choices.

Option 1, purchase the equipment by itself.

(T100: $315 or the T700: $675)

Option 2, purchase your equipment as part of our Casting Call: Spray Pro Kit. You may purchase either piece of equipment that you like with our Casting Call: Spray Pro Kit.

(Casting Call with T100: $875 or the Casting Call with the T700: $1225)

Helpful Hint: On average, out of every 100 EnvyTan customers that starts a mobile spray tanning business: 48% of customers will get started with Casting Call: Spray Pro Kit with the T100, and the remaining 52% choose Casting Call: Spray Pro Kit with the T700.

Casting Call: Spray Pro Kit


Casting Call with T100: $875

Casting Call with the T700: $1225

Best For: Those who are interested in learning the pro techniques of spray tanning, becoming certified as a spray tanning technician, and who are beginning a spray tanning business.

Basic Contents: If you need it to start a spray tanning business, it's in this kit; Equipment, Tanning Tent, Extraction Fan, Virtual Training, Certification, Training Solution, Tanning Solution, Gun Cleaner, Locator Listing, Marketing Tools, Brochures, Posters, Client Products for Resale, and much, much more.

Note: This kit is available to anyone who is going to run a mobile business, or add spray tanning to their existing salon, spa, gym, or other business. The individuals who purchase this kit will run their spray tanning business as themselves, and under their own name. For example, Amanda Davis of San Diego, California purchases a Casting Call: Spray Pro Kit. After completing her training and certification, she may run her business under any name she likes. She may not use the EnvyTan name in her business name; however, she may use something like 'EnvyTans by Amanda Davis'. This is why we include our logo with this kit. You may add our logo to your marketing materials to identify yourself as an artist using our products. 

Celebrity: Sunless Masters Kit

Price: $500

****This kit will be available on 5/15/2013. You may pre-order yours today if you have been spray tanning for at least 3 months.**

This is not a start up kit. This is a kit to help you develop your skill set as a Master Spray Tanning Artist, join a worldwide network of other Master Artists, and to be recognized by EnvyTan as our local Celebrity Master Spray Tanning Artist for your area.

What is Celebrity? Instant stardom!

Everything you need to make it big in the industry, Celebrity has everything that a spray tanning artist could ask for: Master Level Training, Master Artist Seal for print and digital products, Membership in our Private Spray Artists Network, and exclusive access to spray tanning contracts that you will not find anywhere else.

Want to be an EnvyTan artist? Start here. This kit is perfect for mobile artists or salon artists who want to be trained EnvyTan Master Spray Tanning Artists! Use our solutions and products; follow our training and guidelines; and be identified an EnvyTan Master Spray Tanning Artist.

Glam up your business with Celebrity!

The Celebrity: Sunless Masters Kit includes:


Best For: Those operating in the spray tanning industry who wish to be identified by EnvyTan as our local Celebrity Spray Tanning Artists. This kit is appropriate for both mobile professionals, as well as salons or spas wishing to identify themselves as a place where clients are able to receive a spray tan from a highly trained EnvyTan Master Spray Tanning Artists.

Basic Contents: 4 Hour Live Virtual Master Level Spray Tanning 'Boot Camp', Master Artist Certification Course, Review of Your Spray Tanning Master Artist Examination Video, Certification as an Envy Celebrity Spray Pro Artist, EnvyTan Celebrity Web Page on our EnvyTan Celebrity Artist locator, and 1 Year Membership Access to our Private Spray Artist Network.

This kit is only available to spray artists, who after training and certification by EnvyTan, are given the opportunity to run their spray tanning business under the EnvyTan name in their local area. This level of training is not appropriate for those who are just getting started. We recommend having a minimum of three months of experience before purchasing your Celebrity: Sunless Masters Kit.

We are not trying to be exclusive. We are being realistic. You have to learn to crawl before you can walk, and it would be unethical of us to represent you to our clients as Master Artists with no spray tanning experience. Get your feet wet. Decide that you want to take your spray tanning artistry to the next level, and then purchase this kit.

We take our brand seriously, and we only certify those that share our vision and passion for excellence. If you are representing our brand in your community, we will give you all of the tools that you need to succeed. Your local competition simply can not compete with what we offer to our Celebrity Spray Tanning Artists. We only send clients to you who are looking for a Master Spray Tanning Artist for the EnvyTan. This higher level of certification provides you with an opportunity to increase your price point accordingly. Customers are more than happy to pay a little bit more if they are certain that they are going to receive the 'EnvyTan Experience'.

It's not surprising that 67% of all of our start up clients choose to receive their Celebrity: Sunless Masters Kit a few months after entering the world of spray tanning. When clients know that they are dealing with an EnvyTan Artist, they will automatically know that they are in excellent hands.

Disclaimer: Being an EnvyTan Celebrity does not come with Paparazzi chasing you down the streets, appearances on Oprah, or book deals, but you will feel like a superstar when clients don't even think of anyone else when it's time for their spray tan or next major event.

Be Envied!

Step 4: Get Trained and Certified

Now that you have chosen your equipment and your kit, you only have one other decision to make. What kind of training do you need? If you have chosen to purchase our equipment by itself, then you should visit our Envy Academy page to get on the fast track to the famous Envy Spray Tanning Boot Camp. Next stop, training and certification. Check out our online certification course: It's Official: Spray Tanning Training and Certification Course for only $45.

If you have decided to purchase our Casting Call: Spray Pro Kit, then you will receive training materials as part of your Start Up Pro Kit, but there’s plenty to learn. After a few months as a spray tanning artist, come back and check out our Celebrity: Sunless Masters Kit. So when you are ready to take your skills to the next level, head on over and check out our Celebrity Kit. See you at the qualification course.

Step 5: Spray Artist Pro Club

Join the Pro Club. We know, we know, first things first. No, it does not cost a fee to join this club, but there are some rules to play by. If you would like to receive 20-30% discounts off of every order, then click here to learn more. Use your Spray Artist Pro Club membership to purchase and retail the Sunless Secrets line to your customers.

Step 6: Sunless Secrets Retail Products

You have finally arrived. You are done with your research and you have made a decision to become a spray tanning professional. Congratulations. Pull the equipment out of the box, read the training materials, and spend a good month figuring out how to operate as a professional in this industry. Once you are ready, come back here and familiarize yourself with our Sunless Secrets Professional Line. This is our world famous line of pre, self, and post-tanning products for you to retail to your customers. Just like your hair stylist doesn’t make all of his/her money cutting and coloring your hair, you will not make all of your money delivering spray tans. Carrying the Sunless Secrets Pro Line will boost your profits while keeping your customers perfectly tanned!

Step 7: Sampler Kits

You may be thinking, “I already have equipment, or I have already purchased a start up kit, and I really want to try EnvyTan’s spray tanning solution.” We didn’t forget about you. EnvyTan engineered two distinct solution lines to keep all of our customers happy. Just like no one makeup foundation color is going to work for every skin tone, no one solution strength/line will work for all customers. If you want to understand more about our two solution lines before making your decision, just click here to read our page EnvyTan Solution Line Differences.

Now that you know the difference, all you need to do is select the sampler kit that works for you. Each of our sampler kits comes with 4-8 oz bottles, which is way more than you will need to fall in love with our solution. You may purchase the Interested: Envy Solution Sampler Kit in one of 3 combinations, Envy Temptations Sampler Kit (5%, 8%, 10%, and 12%), Envy Addict Sampler Kit (5%. 8%, 10% and 12%), or Envy Split Sampler Kit (8% and 12% from the Temptations Line, and 8 and 12% from the Addict Line.) Click here to choose your solution sampler kit and be on your way.


See, we promised to walk you through our straight-to-the-point plan for getting started right away. It’s up to you to decide if you will get into character and become YOB. Now, go tan somebody already. Until then….

To Your Success,

The Envy Tan Team


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